***ESSAY CONTEST FOR ALL MERCER COUNTY 9TH AND 10TH GRADERS***  This is your opportunity to share your pro-life convictions and compete for cash prizes. We are asking all those who are interested to submit a 500-800 word essay with the title, ‘Why I Am Pro-Life.’ All essays are due Monday, March 7th, 2016. To request a rule sheet and application, e-mail Janelle Homan at: janellepoeppelman@hotmail.com. All essays are to be submitted to Janelle Homan via e- mail. An e-mail of confirmation will be sent to contestant once essay is received by Janelle.  The cash prizes are as follows: 1st: $150, 2nd: $100, and 3rd: $50. All participates will receive a pro-life t-shirt for national pro-life t-shirt week. 
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