The sun was shining and the air was brisk as we stepped off the bus at the Kettering abortion mill. Eighteen pro-lifers from the Mercer-Auglaize county area were warmly greeted by several people from the Dayton area who had arrived there earlier that morning. We passed out a few signs that we had brought with us and started walking up and down the sidewalk in prayer, pausing only when a new “patient” pulled into the parking lot and headed toward the abortion mill entrance. A “body guard” usually escorted them to the door (what a sad if we are the ones who might inflict pain or cause death!) Vivian Skovgard, the wonderful angel who we all know has saved hundreds of babies in her 20+ year ministry to pregnant women was there doing what she does best. Vivian speaks to the people from a distance as they walk toward the Women’s Med Center, letting them know they can receive free help at the Elizabeth’s Pro-Life Center across the street; letting them know that God loves their child; letting them know that there are better choices. She approaches the cars that come and go from the parking lot in hopes that the moms and dads will open their hearts to her message. How painful it is as bystanders to see so many enter that place of death. Our hearts ache and we return quickly to prayer. Vivian’s mission is never daunted. She has encountered many kinds of people in her pro-life work, but continues on in joy and peace, obviously a woman of faith. At the end of our time there, with her usual humility and care, she thanked all of us for making the trip south to be there during the 40 Days for Life campaign. We assured her that it was all of us who are thankful for her dedication and love, her commitment to saving babies four days a week each and every week! Vivian’s husband Bob also accompanies her when he can. Vivian’s work at the Kettering mill is only one facet of her pro-life work. She is a beacon of light in a fallen world. Isn’t that what we are all called to be?
Mercer County Right to Life - Bus trip to Kettering 2013